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                                                                         updated June 18, 2021

    Strawberry pick your own  Monday- Saturday 

    hours; 8:00-12: 00  This week may be the last for strawberry harvest.

    However, the cherries, gooseberries, and honeyberries (haskap) are doing well and are available for pyo. 

   Reservations not necessary. Due to the heat , we may close early or not schedule every day.



haskap -honeyberries similiar to blueberry with a tang

early variety semi sweet pie cherry

gooseberries green or pink now

strawberries lots of flavor, but not as many as usual

We expect customers to observe health and safety guidelines.

We offer pick-your-own  fruits and berries in season. No admission charge, prices available at check in, containers provided

The Berry Patch Farm is about 25 miles northeast of Des Moines and about 14 miles east southeast of Ames

see Directions in left column.