Hours & News

Updated:  May 26, 2016  

 Hours at the farm : closed until Strawberry season  which usually begins the 2nd week in June and lasts 3-4 weeks. 

Cherries are usually ready the first week of July. Followed by 

We plan to host an anniversary special day on Saturday 
July 2. this is a celebration of 50 years strawberry growing :)

We had a couple close calls due to cold weather, but we are happy to say the frost missed us and we are anticipating a great strawberry crop!

 Honeybees,bumblebees, and osmia bees are checking the blossoms on the  blueberries now. Apples and cherries have already set fruit. check out the pictures on Facebook .


The Berry Patch Farm is about 25 miles northeast of Des Moines and about 14 miles east southeast of Ames see Directions in left column.

Markets & CSAs: 

  • Ames:Tuesdays at Farm to Folk.
  • ames main street market begins May 6. 8-12:30