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Updated:  February 8, 2016  


 Pack an apple for work or the kids snacks.

 We also have # 2 apples ( have a blemish or nick) for 1/2 price- make a lot of apple sauce or freeze for baking later.

    Hours at the farm : please call or email for special times, or honk for service ;  (It has recently come to our attention that the answer line was not working properly.

Please call again, and leave a message. 515 382 5138)

Pruning has begun now;

 blueberries, apples and raspberries need to be pruned each year.

 We will host a pruning workshop  March 12 th for those interested in pruning apples and blueberries. We also offer blueberry plants for sale and advice for their culture 

 Sign up now if you have not done so already and we will save a spot for you. (Limited class size)


The Berry Patch Farm is about 25 miles northeast of Des Moines and about 14 miles east southeast of Ames see Directions in left column.

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